Educational guide 2017_18
Escola de Enxeñaría Forestal
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  Environmental Impact
Topic Sub-topic
Subject 1. Concepts and concepts: Environment and environmental management.
Subject 2. History and environmental regulations in Europe. Environmental action plans of the European Union.
Subject 3. Environmental management in the public sector. Environmental Plans. Global plans. Sectoral plans.
Subject 4. Environmental legislation: In the European Union, in Spain, in the Autonomous Communities.
Subject 5. Environment and Natural environment. Environmental factors. Actions and activities that produce impacts.
Subject 6. Sustainable development. Renewal rate, assimilation capacity and host capacity.
Subject 7. Impact of a project or activity. Impact on the different phases of the project.
Subject 8. Indicators of impact. Biological indicators.
Subject 9. Typology of impacts. Cataloging and classification of environmental impacts.
Subject 10. Types of environmental impact assessment.
Subject 11. EIA process. Administrative process and content of the EIA. Declaration of Environmental Impact.
Subject 12. Environmental impact studies: content and process.
Subject 13. Studies of project actions that can cause impacts.
Subject 14. Environmental inventory and factors susceptible of affection.
Subject 15. Identification and assessment of impacts. Techniques and methods.
Subject 16. Qualitative methods and quantitative methods.
Subject 17. Corrective and protective measures. Environmental monitoring plans. Environmental control plans.

Subject 18. Eco audits and environmental audits.

Subject 19. Degraded areas: landfills, tailings, slopes, mines, etc. Recovery work.

Subject 20. Civil works for the regeneration and environmental actions and of restoration and recovery.

Subject 21. Revegetation and planting.

Subject 22. Hidrosiembra
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