Educational guide 2017_18
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  Basics of business economics
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Short answer tests It is a proof to final of course oriented to the application of the concepts developed 80
Practical tests, real task execution and / or simulated. Proofs for the evaluation that include activities, problems or practical exercises to resolve. The students have to answer to the activity posed, applying the theoretical and practical knowledges . For this will use the Tics.
It will not admit any exercise delivered out of term neither envoy in another half that was not through the platform FAITIC.
Other comments on the Evaluation

This matter gives in FACE-TO-FACE diet by what the students have to assist to the theoretical and practical sessions in the schedule established by the centre. This supposes that the only system of evaluation is the contemplated in this guide. The system of evaluation of the matter supports in three elements:

a) Pass the practical part, with the realisation of the activities programmed. (2 points). 
b) Pass the theoretical part, by means of an examination written that it will realise in the distinguished date by the centre. (8 points
c) The assistance and participation of studentsin the theoretical and practical classes.&*l

It is indispensable requirement to add the practical part at least have taken out a 4 on 10 points in the theoretical examination.

 The form of evaluation in July and extraordinary is the same that in January.
It does not exist possibility to improve the note of the practical part for the announcement of July, since it treats of activities programmed along the course.
If the matter is not passed the student will have to study again adapting to the new educational guide.
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