Educational guide 2020_21
E. S. de Enxeñaría Informática
Máster Universitario en Enxeñaría Informática
  Project managemente and Scheduling
Code Description
CG1 Ability to project, calculate and design products, processes and installations in all areas of computer engineering.
CG2 Ability to manage works and install computer systems, complying with current regulations and ensuring the quality of service.
CG3 Ability to direct, schedule and supervise multidisciplinary teams
CG5 Capacity for the development, strategic planning, direction, coordination and technical and economic management of projects in all areas of Computer Engineering following quality and environmental criteria.
CG6 Capacity for general management, technical management and management of research, development and innovation projects, in companies and technology centers, in the field of Computer Engineering
CG8 Ability to apply the acquired knowledge and solve problems in new or little-known environments within broader and multidisciplinary contexts, being able to integrate this knowledge
CG10 Ability to apply the principles of economics and human resource management and projects, as well as the legislation, regulation and standardization of IT
CE2 Capacity for strategic planning, preparation, direction, coordination, and technical and economic management in the fields of Computer Engineering related, among others, with: systems, applications, services, networks, infrastructures or computer facilities and centers or factories for the development of software, respecting or adequately complying with two criteria of quality and environment in multidisciplinary work environments.
CE3 Ability to manage research, development and innovation projects in companies and technology centers, guaranteeing safety for people and goods, the final quality of products and their approval.
CT2 Capacity for the dirección of teams and organizations
CT3 Capacity of leadership
CT4 Capacity to communicate knowledge and conclusions to públicos especializados and no especializados, of oral way and written
CT7 Capacity of reasoning crítico and creativity
CT8 Responsibility and commitment ético in the desempeñor of the professional activity
CT11 Capacity of learning autónomo
CT12 Capacity to resolve problems in new surroundings or little known inside contexts más wide or multidisciplinares
CT13 Capacity to integrate knowledges and enfrentarse to the complexity to formulate trials from an información incomplete
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