Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de Historia
Máster Universitario en Valoración, xestión e protección do patrimonio cultural
  Introdución á avaliación estructural de construcións patrimoniais
Code Description
CB2 That students know how to apply the knowledge acquired and their ability to solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of study.
CG2 Acquire the necessary knowledge to handle the different tools of graphic, dimensional and geospatial documentation to be applied in the documentation and valuation of Cultural Heritage.
CG3 Acquire the ability to bring to the practical application of the protection of cultural property the theoretical knowledge and the protocols of documentation, diagnosis and evaluation.
CE2 Acquire the ability to design intervention protocols, establishing types, priorities and intensities of action before a cultural property at risk of alteration.
CE9 Acquire the ability to diagnose, on the basis of scientific knowledge, the state of structural conservation of the Cultural Heritage.
CE10 Understand the fundamentals of structural stability and the analysis procedures necessary to guarantee the structural safety of heritage constructions.
CT5 Be able to predict and control the evolution of complex situations through the development of new and innovative work methodologies adapted to the specific scientific / research, technological or professional field, in general multidisciplinary, in which their activity is developed.
CT8 Acquire advanced knowledge and demonstrate, in a context of scientific and technological research or highly specialized, a detailed and substantiated understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects and the methodology of work in one or more fields of study.
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