Guia docente 2020_21
Facultade de Ciencias
Máster Universitario en Ciencia e Tecnoloxía Agroalimentaria e Ambiental
  Production of Basic Components from Lignocellulosic Waste
   Personalized assistance
Methodologies Description
Laboratory practical During the labs the teacher is present in the laboratory to guide, correct, and control their correct development and follow up.
Presentation During the performance of the tutored work the professor will orient in the compiling, classifying and organizing of the information. This orientation will continue during subsequent elaboration of material to be used in exposition in classroom.
Seminars In the presential part of the seminars, calculation methodologies to be employed for the interpretation of the experimental data obtained will be presented. Any student doubt will be solved. In the non presential part any question or consult made by the students will be answered using the e-learning platform, e-mail or in person during tutoring time.
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