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PhD student position-project MAPAS

TipoConvocatorias de I+D+i
Organismo convocanteUniversidade de Vigo
Data inicio solicitudes22/11/2021
Data fin solicitudes10/12/2021

The ERC Starting Grant project MAPAS is a multidisciplinary project that combines paleoclimatic
models, theoretical modelling and biogeographic/macroecological methods to explore the role
of past climate changes as a driver of paleobiodiversity. The PhD student will work in a
multidisciplinary and diverse team of paleoclimatologists, computer programmers,
mathematicians, biologists and geologists.
We offer a 6 month PhD position to develop a short research on the relationship between the
amount of carbon in soils and above ground mammal and plant diversity. This is a theoretical
project to understand to which extent carbon data on paleosoils would be used as a proxy of
paleobiodiversity, across time. The PhD student will work with GIS, R, and large present
biodiversity databases.

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