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Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Grado en Ingeniería Mecánica
  Elasticity and additional topics in resistance of materials
  Description Qualification Training and Learning Results
Laboratory practical Active participation in all classes will be valued, and when applicable, the submission of the lab reports and their content will be assessed according to the guidelines provided by the lecturers. The grading will be on a scale of 0 to 10.

The grade obtained will be the same in both the first and second opportunities of the course's examination session.
5 B4
Problem and/or exercise solving Several tests will be proposed to assess the acquired learning results in the subject. They will consist of problem-solving and/or theoretical questions by the students. None of these tests will exceed 40% of the overall grade for the subject. The tests will be conducted throughout the course during class hours and/or on dates/times approved by the institution. The final test will be performed during the official examination schedule approved by the “Comisión Permanente” of the School of Industrial Engineering. It will be graded on a scale of 0 to 10. The minimum average grade for all tests will be 4.5/10, with a minimum grade of 4/10 required for each individual test.

In the second opportunity of the course's examination session, there will be a single test that encompasses all the content of the subject, carrying a weight of 95% of the final grade. In this case, the minimum mark to pass the subject will be 4.5/10.

The duration of the test, as well as the weight of each question, will be provided at the time of the test.
95 B3
Other comments on the Evaluation

It will be necessary to obtain a minimum score
of 5 out of 10 to pass the subject. Students who have been granted with the
waive of continuous assessment may take the final exam, which will be the 100%
of the final mark. This exam will assess the competencies covered in the entire


Comments regarding continuous assessment

The failure to submit lab reports, whether
justified or not, will not result in the repetition of the lab practice on a
different date.

The dates and locations for all exam sessions
will be set by the School of Industrial Engineering before the start of the
course and will be made public.

Ethical commitment: it is expected an adequate
ethical behavior of the student. If any unethical behavior is detected
(cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized use of electronic devices, etc.), it will
be considered that the student does not meet the necessary requirements to pass
the course. In such cases, the overall rating in the current academic year will
be Fail (0.0).

The use of any electronic device for the
assessment tests is not allowed unless explicitly authorized. The fact of
introducing unauthorized electronic device in the examination room will be
considered reason for not passing the subject in the current academic year and
will hold overall rating (0.0).


Group responsible lecturer:

Groups with teaching in Spanish: Aida Badaoui Fernández ( Marcos García (

Group with teaching in English: Rafael Comesaña Piñeiro (, Antonio Riveiro (

Reading list for the group in English:
- Hibbeler R.C., Mechanics of Materials, SI Edition, Prentice Hall. 9th. edition
- José Antonio González Taboada , Tensiones y deformaciones en materiales elásticos, 2a Edición, Tórculo.
- José Antonio González Taboada , Fundamentos y problemas de tensiones y deformaciones en materiales elásticos, 1ª
Edición, Tórculo.
- Timoshenko, Goodier, Theory of elasticity, 3rd ed., (International student ed.), McGraw-Hill
- Manuel Vázquez , Resistencia de Materiales.

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