Guia docente 2020_21
Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial
Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
  Basics of circuit analysis and electrical machines
   Contingency plan
In front of it uncertain and unpredictable evolution of the sanitary alert caused by the COVID- 19, the University establishes join extraordinary planning that will actuate in the moment in that the administrations and the own institution determine it attending to criteria of security, health and responsibility, and guaranteeing the teaching in a scenario non-presencial or no totally presencial. These already scheduled measures guarantee, in the moment that was prescriptive, the development of the teaching of a way but easy and effective when being known beforehand (or with a wide advance) by the students and the teaching staff through the tool normalized and institutionalized of the teaching guides DOCNET.
In the case of teaching non-presencial or no totally presencial, the impartition of the theory will do through videoconference, employing, several ways of communication during them, the platform Remote Campus. The teaching methodologies will fit to the telematic means commented, employing the cameras, the chat and the presentation of documents for the communication with the students. The documentation used, and another complementary, will be put at the disposal of the students through faitic. Doubts will be solved through the email.
* Teaching methodologies that keep
See above.
* Teaching methodologies that modify
See above.
* Mechanism non-presencial of attention to the students (tutorials)
In the case of the tutorials there will be three possibilities. For simple doubts will employ the email. In the case of doubts of higher scales will be able to use to the videoconferences through remote campus and, in the case that these options are not considered valid, will develop of presencial way, always that it was possible to guarantee the sanitary measures.
* Modifications ( proceed) of the contained to impart
Do not proceed
* Additional Bibliography to facilitate the learning
Do not proceed
* Other modifications
As regards the practices, will be able to be realized of way non-presencial employing the same means that uses the theoretical teaching, moreover, to use applications of electric circuits, easily downloaded and manageable by the students. Also it will employ, if it will be necessary and in order to supplement to the practices, some video of the laboratory.
The only change in the case that no could realize the final examination of presencial way, would be that this would realize employing the remote Campus, faitic and/or other platforms put the disposal of the teaching staff.
In the case that the practices non performed in a presencial way, its evaluation would not suffer changes, except the procedure of delivery, that would be through any of the platforms put the disposal of the teaching staff.
* Proofs already realized
Do not proceed
* pending Proofs that keep
Do not proceed.
* Proofs that modify
Do not proceed.
* New proofs
Do not proceed.
* Additional information
Keep the criteria of evaluation suitable to the realization of the proofs, in the case to be necessary and by indication in a “Resolución Reitoral”, to the telematic means places at the disposal of the teaching staff.

In general, this plan of contingencies will be applied only to be necessary and, in the possible case, it will just take into account the compulsory changes, leaving the rest of circumstances without afectation.
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