Guia docente 2023_24
Facultad de Ciencias del Mar
Máster Universitario en Oceanografía
  Climate Models
   Training and Learning Results
Code Description
A1 Students who have demonstrated knowledge and understanding that is founded upon and extends and/or enhances that typically associated with the first cycle, and that provides a basis or opportunity for originality in developing and/or applying ideas, often within a research context
A5 Students who have the learning skills to allow them to continue to study in a manner that may be largely self-directed or autonomous.
B5 The students will be able to develop the sufficient autonomy to participate in research projects and scientific collaborations, especially in interdiscipinary contexts
C3 The students will analyse situations and specific oceanographic conditions related with the global change
D2 The students will possess the handle skills in the laboratory that allow them to develop autonomous work.
D4 The students will be able to understand the need and obligation to perform a continuous training, to a large extent autonomous, for the scientific development, updating the knowledges, skills and attitudes of the professional competences along the life.
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