Guia docente 2021_22
Escuela de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación
Master´s Degree in Cybersecurity
  Management of Information Security
Code Description
CB2 Students will be able to apply their knowledge and their problem-solving ability in new or less familiar situations, within a broader context (or in multi-discipline contexts) related to their field of specialization.
CB3 Students will be able to integrate diverse knowledge areas, and address the complexity of making statements on the basis of information which, notwithstanding incomplete or limited, may include thoughts about the ethical and social responsibilities entailed to the application of their professional capabilities and judgements.
CG1 To have skills for analysis and synthesis. To have ability to project, model, calculate and design solutions in the area of information, network or system security in every application area.
CG2 Ability for problem-solving. Ability to solve, using the acquired knowledge, specific problems in the technical field of information, network or system security.
CE5 To design, deploy and operate a security management information system based on a referenced methodology.
CE7 To demonstrate ability for doing the security audit of systems, equipment, the risk analysis related to security weaknesses, and for developing de procedures for certification of secure systems.
CE13 Ability for analysing, detecting and eliminating software vulnerabilities and malware capable to exploit those in systems or networks.
CT4 Ability to ponder the importance of information security in the economic progress of society.
CT5 Ability for oral and written communication in English.
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