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  Signal Conditioners
Subject Guide
Subject Signal Conditioners Code V05M145V01331
Study programme
Máster Universitario en Ingeniería de Telecomunicación
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
5 Optional 2nd 1st
Teaching language
Quintáns Graña, Camilo
Quintáns Graña, Camilo
General description In this subject the electronic circuits that condition the signals generated by sensors to be efficiently coupled to a data acquisition system or to a digital processor are studied.
It is a subject that follows the Design of Analog Electronic Circuits, which is coursed in the first course of the master. Thus, in this new subject the basic conditioning circuits are expanded by including measuring active bridges, alternating current conditioning circuits, etc.
Another important aspect that is included in the study is the evaluation of the measurement uncertainty. Student learns to characterize a measure provided by a sensor through the calibration curve and the uncertainty.
The theory is complemented by laboratory practices that focus on providing students with the skills needed to address the realization of a complete measurement system, from the physical system up to the user interface. The key points of the laboratory work are:
-The followed methodology to measure physical variables to the calculation of uncertainties.
-Characterization of transducers.
-Topologies of conditioning circuits.
-The connection of the conditioned signals to a digital processor.
-Instrumentation software for digitally conditioning and user interfaces.
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