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Facultade de Bioloxía
Grado en Biología
  Final Year Dissertation
Subject Guide
Subject Final Year Dissertation Code V02G030V01991
Study programme
Grado en Biología
Descriptors Total Cr. Choose Year Quadmester
18 Mandatory 4th 2nd
Teaching language
Míguez Miramontes, Jesús Manuel
Web http://
General description The Final Degree Project is a mandatory subject of 18 ECTS that is part of the module Final Degree Project and Work. This module develops in the last year of the degree program in Biology.
The objective of the End of Degree Project is to offer the students the opportunity to apply knowledges, skills and competences adquired during the Degree studies.
The project consists in an original work that each student will carry out individully under supervision of a teacher (tutor), and will allow to demonstrate in an integrated way the acquisition of competences and skills associated with the title.
Compliance with the regulations approved for the project is mandatory for all students of this subject. The management of all the processes corresponds to the Final Degree Project Committee, which has been appointed for this proposal by the Faculty.
The subject does not have a fixed schedule in the academic calendar, although all the activities are usually developed throughout the second semester of the academic year.
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