Educational guide 2021_22
Facultade de Ciencias Sociais e da Comunicación
Máster Universitario en Dirección Pública e Liderado Institucional
  Current Affairs in International Politics: Globalisation and Integration Processes
   Personalized assistance
Tests Description
Essay Resolution of questions of students in relation to any aspect of matter (content, work or practices) and attention to your needs and study-related and / or issues related to discipline consultations, providing guidance, support and motivation learning process. This activity will take place in non-contact form (via e-mail or virtual campus).
Problem and/or exercise solving Resolution of doubts of the students in relation with some appearance of the matter (content, work or practical), as well as attention to his needs and queries related with the study and/or subjects linked with the discipline, providing him orientation, support and motivation in the process of learning. This activity will develop of form no face-to-face (through the email or of the virtual campus).
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