Educational guide 2021_22
Escola de Enxeñaría Forestal
Grao en Enxeñaría Forestal
  Industrial organisation and processes in the wood industry
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Introductory activities Introduction to the objectives and development of the subject
Lecturing Structured exposition of objectives, theoretical contents and examples of the themes and subtopics that make up the program of the subject. This exhibition will be held in the classroom in person or through the remote campus. Students will have all the material to be able to follow the classes in person.
Problem solving Active participation in the resolution of problems and / or exercises
Mentored work Resolution of small practical exercises that accompany a theoretical explanation. Seminars of approach and resolution of type problems with oral presentation
Studies excursion Explanation "in situ" of the organization and industrial processes in carpentry and furniture industries. The studies excursion will not be carried out in the case of non-face-to-face teaching or in the case that it is not allowed with semi-face-to-face teaching. It will be replaced by practical observation of audiovisual material from manufacturing processes of the wood industries (videos and digital information).
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