Guia docente 2023_24
Escuela de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio
Máster Universitario en Enxeñería Aeronáutica
  Advanced calculation of aerospace structures
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Lecturing Exhibition by part of the professor of the contents on the matter object of study, theoretical bases and guidelines of a work or exercise that the/the student has to develop.
Practices through ICT Activities of application of the knowledges in a determinate context and of acquisition of basic skills and procedures in relation with the matter, through the TIC, fundamentally with tools of simulation used in the industry.
Case studies Realisation of cases of practical study on the contents of the subject, the which will be
explained and initiated in the classroom to be finished and delivered by part of the students out of the
classroom. The cases of study will require of the use of specific software
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