Guia docente 2021_22
Facultad de Educación y Trabajo Social
Grado en Educación Infantil
  Sociology: Sociology of education
   Contingency plan
In front of it uncertain and unpredictable evolution of the sanitary alert caused by the COVID- 19, the University establishes join extraordinary planning that will actuate in the moment in that the administrations and the @propio institution determine it attending to criteria of security, health and responsibility, and guaranteeing the *docencia in a @escenario no *presencial or no totally *presencial. These already scheduled measures guarantee, in the moment that was prescriptive, the development of the *docencia of a way but *áxil and effective when being known beforehand (or with a wide advance) pole students and the teaching staff through the tool normalized and institutionalized of the teaching guides DOCNE*T.

* teaching Methodologies that keep
* teaching Methodologies that modify
* Mechanism no *presencial of attention to the students (*titorías)
The sessions of *titorización will be able to realized by telematic means (email, videoconference, forums of FAITI*C, ...) Low the modality of *concertación previous.
* Modifications ( proceed) of the contained to impart
there are not modifications
* additional Bibliography to facilitate to car-learning
available Information through the platform FAITI*C
* Other modifications
there are not modifications

* Proofs already realized
Test XX: [previous Weight 00%] [Weight Proposed 00%]
there are not modifications

* pending Proofs that keep
Test XX: [previous Weight 00%] [Weight Proposed 00%]
there are not modifications

* Proofs that modify
[previous Proof] =&*gt; [new Proof]
there are not New

* modifications proofs
there are not modifications

* additional Information
In the case to actuate the teaching activity no *presencial, this will impart by means of Remote Campus and will foresee *asemade the use of the platform of *teledocencia *Faitic how reinforcement and without prejudice of other measures that can adopt to guarantee the accessibility of the students to the contained @docente.
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