Guia docente 2022_23
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Grado en Ingeniería Biomédica
  Image generation and processing in biomedicine
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Essay questions exam Questions about the theory and the practical work carried out. 30 CE33
Problem and/or exercise solving Practical questions about the subject. Practical assumptions, decision making... 30 CE33
Report of practices, practicum and external practices Final result of the practical work. Based on deliverables with a deadline and specification of mandatory content. 40 CE33
Other comments on the Evaluation

The essay question exam and problem solving take place on the same day at the date, time and place defined by the center in the exam calendar.

The student can decide whether he wants only a final exam (single evaluation) or continuous evaluation (according to the procedure described above). To do this, they must indicate their decision in writing in the statement of the final exam. If they opt for the final exam option (the final exam is 100% of the grade), they will have to complete extra questions and/or exercises (having more time).

On the second call, they can again choose between continuous assessment and the final exam. Take into account that:

- The continuous assessment mark is the same as that obtained in the first call.

- The continuous assessment mark is only valid for the current academic year.

EXTRAORDINARY CALL: in extraordinary call (end of degree) the same procedure is applied as in the case of students who have not followed the continuous assessment process.

In the event of detection of plagiarism in any of the tests (short tests, midterms, final exam, practical reports), the final grade will be FAIL (0) and the fact will be communicated to the school governors for the appropriate purposes.

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