Educational guide 2016_17
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  Graphic Engineering
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Master Session They will realise the number of proofs of control that consider the professor (like minimum two), in distinguished dates, in which it will be possible to surpass all or any of the parts.
In this modality of CONTINUOUS EVALUATION the maximum qualification will be of 10 points.
ata 60 CE19
Troubleshooting and / or exercises The practical activities to realise will correspond with the indicated in the section of “Practical Contents”, and will pose for his development, resolution and back delivery to the professor in the date that in each concrete case indicate . Each activity presented will evaluate in accordance with the criteria that previously have indicated , and will be given back with promptness so that the learning that contribute each correction can be incorporated to the following practical activities. The calendar for execution and presentation of the practical activities will be known to the start of the course. ata 40 CG1
Others Works to realise during the course ata 10 CG1
Other comments on the Evaluation

continuous evaluation will include all the work developed of face-to-face form or
no face-to-face, of those individual activities and group work programmed. The subject approves by means of the continuous evaluation when reaching 5,00 points
in each one of the parts, without need to realise the examination of the official announcement established by the centre. 

in the process of continuous evaluation remain pending parts, the student will examine
of these parts in the final examination, so much of theory as of practices, save in those cases that the
professor consider the possibility to recover them with an additional or complementary
work of the previous. The parts surpassed will conserve for the second announcement.

the final examination will examine of the total of the contents of the subject those who have renounced to the modality of continuous evaluation, and those that wish to change the note having studied the modality of continuous evaluation. The maximum qualification will be of 10 points. The theoretical part of said examination will realise in the date fixed by the centre, being able to realise the practical part in hour and different day.

Expects that the present student a suitable ethical behaviour. In the case to detect a no ethical behaviour (copy, plagiarism, utilisation of unauthorised electronic devices, and others) will consider that the student does not gather the necessary requirements to surpass the matter. In this case the global qualification in the present academic course will be of suspense (0.0). It will not allow the utilisation of any electronic device during the proofs of evaluation except permission expresses.
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