Guia docente 2019_20
Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  Environmental technology
Topic Sub-topic
Lesson 1: Introduction to the environmental technology. 1. Material cycle economy.
2. Introduction to the best available techniques (BAT).
Lesson 2: Management of waste and effluents. 1. Generation of waste. Types and classification of wastes.
2. Codification of wastes.
3. Urban waste management.
4. Industrial waste management. Industrial waste treatment facilities.
5. Regulations
Lesson 3: Treatment of urban and industrial wastes. 1. Valorization.
2. Physico-chemical treatment.
3. Biological treatment.
4. Thermal treatment.
5. Landfilling.
6. Soil remediation technologies.
Lesson 4: Treatment of industrial and municipal wastewaters. 1. Characteristics of municipal and industrial wastewaters.
2. Wastewater treatment plant.
3. Sludge treatment.
4. Water treatment and reuse
5. Regulations
Lesson 5: Atmospheric pollution. 1. Types and origin of atmospheric pollutants.
2. Dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere.
3. Effects of the atmospheric pollution.
4. Treatment of polluting gas emissions.
5. Regulations
Lesson 6: Sustainability and environmental impact assessment 1. Sustainable development
2. Life cycle analysis and economy.
3. Ecological footprint and carbon footprint.
4. Introduction to the environmental impact assessment
Practice 1: Codification of wastes
Practice 2: Preparation of immobilized activated charcoal for use as an adsorbent.
Practice 3: Contaminants removal by adsorption with immobilized activated charcoal.
Practice 4: Pollutants removal by extraction with solvents.
Practice 5: Coagulation-flocculation: Establishment of optimal working conditions.
Practice 6: Simulation of certain stages of a EDAR
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