Guia docente 2019_20
Escola de Enxeñería Industrial
Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
  Mechanism and machine theory
Topic Sub-topic
Introduction to mechanism and machine theory Introduction
Definition of Machine, Mechanism and Kinematic Chain Link/part and linkage/joint
Kinematic Diagram, modeling, and symbology (nomenclature)
Degrees of freedom
Synthesis of mechanisms
Geometrical analysis of mechanisms. Introduction
Calculation methods of placement
Loop closure equations
Kinematic analysis of mechanisms Fundamentals
Graphical methods
Analytical methods
Matrix methods
Static analysis of mechanisms Fundamentals
Force reduction (Graphical Methods)
Work/Power Virtual Methods
Dynamic analysis of mechanisms Fundamentals
Machine general dynamics
Machine Work and Power
Balanced Dynamics of rotors
Cam mechanisms Fundamentals
Flat cams
Cam synthesis
Power transmission mechanisms Fundamentals
Gears Mechanism
Other mechanisms
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