Educational guide 2022_23
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías Industriales
  Elasticity and additional topics in mechanics of materials
Topic Sub-topic
Fundamentals of elasticity Introduction to the theory of elasticity
Stress analysis of elastic solids
Stress-strain relationships
Two-dimensional elasticity
Criteria of failure Saint-Venant’s failure criterion
Tresca’s failure criterion
Von-Mises’ failure criterion
Safety coefficient
Bending Non uniform bending:
Shear stresses. Zhuravski expression
Principal stresses. Stress trajectories
Bending and axial load:
Normal stresses. Neutral axis
Eccentric axial loads
Kern of the cross-section
Beams of different materials
Bending. Statically indeterminate beams General method
Settlements in fixed supports
Continuous beams
Simplifications in symmetric and antisymmetric beams
Torsion Definition
Coulomb’s fundamental theory
Static torque diagrams
Stress and angle of twist
Statically indeterminate problems
Combined loads Definition
Bending and torsion loaded circular shafts
Shear center
Stress and strain calculation in plane-spatial structures
Strain energy and energy methods Strain energy: Axial load/shearing loads/bending/torsion/general
Clapeyron's theorem
Indirect and direct work
Maxwell–Betti Reciprocal Theorem. Applications.
Castigliano’s theorem. Mohr's integrals. Applications.
Principle of virtual works.
Trusses Definition and general comments
Degree of indeterminacy
Analytical method of force calculation
Pinned joint displacement determination
External indeterminacy and internal indeterminacy

Structures with rigid joint connections Definition
Joint stiffness factor and distribution factor
Degree of indeterminacy. Analysis by the stiffness method.
Moving loads Influence lines. Definition and general properties.
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