Guia docente 2017_18
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering
  Electronic technology
Topic Sub-topic
Introduction - Control and supervision of industrial systems by means of electronics
- Some representative cases
Electronic devices, circuits and systems - Electronics components and devices
- Active and passive electronic devices
- Analog and digital electronic circuits
- Electronic systems
Diodes and rectification - The diode
- Operation modes and characteristics
- Diodes types
- Operation Models
- Analysis of circuits with diodes
- Rectifier circuits
- Filtering for rectifier circuits
- Thyristors
Transistors - The Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT.) Operation principles and characteristic curves
- Work zones
- Quiescent point design
- The transistor operating as a switch
- The transistor operating as an amplifier
- Field Effect Transistors (FET).
Amplification - Amplification concept
- Feedback concept
- The Operational Amplifier (OA)
- Basic circuits with OA
- The Instrumentation Amplifier
Digital Electronics I - Numbering Systems
- Boolean Algebra
- Combinatorial logic functions. Analysis, synthesis and reduction
Digital electronics II - Flip-flops
- Sequential logic circuits
- Programmable Systems
- Microprocessors
- Memories
Electronic Sensors - Sensors
- Types of sensors as function of the measuring magnitude
- Some sensors of special interest in industry applications
- Electrical model of some common sensors
- Study of some examples of coupling sensors and CAD system
Analog - Digital Converters - The Analog and Digital Signals.
- The Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
- Sampling, quantification and digitization
- More important ADC characteristics: number of bits, sampling speed, conversion range and cost
Industrial Communications - Introduction to Industrial Communications
- Industrial data buses.
Power Electronics - Circuits for Power Conversion
- Rectifiers
- Lineal and Switched Power Sources
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