Educational guide 2021_22
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial

Study programme guide Study programme guide
1st Year  Study programme guide PDF format
CodeNameQuadmesterTypeTotal Cr.
V04M186V01101 Strategic and sustainable 1st
Mandatory 6.5
V04M186V01102 Customer service and costs 1st
Mandatory 4
V04M186V01103 Management of people in 1st
Mandatory 5
V04M186V01104 Lean management, Six Sigma and other approaches 1st
Mandatory 4.5
V04M186V01105 Demand and operations planning 1st
Mandatory 4
V04M186V01106 Purchasing direction 1st
Mandatory 2
V04M186V01107 Design of the physical distribution network. Warehouse management 1st
Mandatory 4
V04M186V01201 Efficient and sustainable packaging design 2nd
Mandatory 1.5
V04M186V01202 International transport and logistics organization 2nd
Mandatory 4
V04M186V01203 Big Data and information systems 2nd
Mandatory 4
V04M186V01204 E-commerce and its implications in the 2nd
Mandatory 2
V04M186V01205 Industry 4.0. Opportunities, challenges and challenges 2nd
Mandatory 3.5
V04M186V01206 External practices 2nd
Mandatory 9
V04M186V01207 Master's Thesis 2nd
Mandatory 6
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