Educational guide 2017_18
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Máster Universitario en Xestión Ambiental na Industria

Type CB Code Basic Competences
  CB1 Possess and understand knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and / or application of ideas, often in a research context
  CB2 Students should be able to apply the acquired knowledge and problem-solving skills in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of study
  CB3 Students are able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity of making judgments based on information that, incomplete or limited, includes reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities related to the application of their knowledge and judgments
  CB4 Students are able to communicate their conclusions and the latest knowledge and reasons that support them to specialized and non-specialized audiences in a clear and unambiguous way
  CB5 The students possess the learning abilities that allow them to continue studying in a way that will have to be to a great extent self-directed or autonomous
Type CG Code General Competences
  CG1 Analysis and application of administrative processes in environmental management
  CG2 To be able to analyze and understand the legal responsibility for actions, voluntary or accidental, against environmental regulations
  CG3 To be able to understand and design appropriate waste management systems
  CG4 To be able to analyze and design environmental management systems in the industry
  CG5 To be able to establish a correct energy management in a context of protection of the environment
  CG6 To be able to analyze and apply the technology for the treatment of effluents and wastewater
  CG7 To be able to analyze the certification systems of environmental quality
  CG8 To be able to analyze and develop procedures for environmental impact assessment
  CG9 To be able to analyze industrial processes in a context of sustainability
  CG10 To be able to apply the concepts of environmental management in a context of innovation and professional entrepreneurship
  CG11 Being able to apply the concepts of environmental management in real practical cases in the company or administration
  CG12 To be able to develop studies of environmental management in the industry joining the legal regulations with the technical possibilities in a context of sustainability to minimize the environmental impact
Type CE Code Specific Competences
  CE1 Use of legal sources: European, national, regional, in the area of pollution control and prevention
  CE2 Basic knowledge on environmental taxation and liability for damage to the environment
  CE3 Capacity for the analysis of waste management systems according to the characteristics of each type of waste
  CE4 Capacity to select waste treatment systems according to their characteristics
  CE5 Ability to analyze the production chain with special attention to the generation of waste and the possibilities of minimizing its production
  CE6 Ability to develop an environmental industry policy, minimizing the environmental impact of waste and emissions, both quantitatively and qualitatively
  CE7 Capacity for the analysis of the energy consumption in the industry and its relation with emissions and waste generation
  CE8 Capacity for energy recovery from waste in industry
  CE9 Ability to analyze water purification systems and treatment of industrial effluents
  CE10 Capacity for the analysis and design of water management systems that favor water reuse
  CE11 Ability to analyze environmental quality in industrial production facilities
  CE12 Ability to analyze the environmental impact of projects, especially in the extractive industry, in the process industry, and in the management and treatment of wastes
  CE13 Capacity for the calculation of environmental indicators in a context of sustainability
  CE14 Ability to determine the life cycle analysis of industrial activities or products
  CE15 Capacity for the projection of personal skills in the professional activity in the field of environment
  CE16 Ability to develop professional activity in the field of environment in the industry and/or administration
  CE17 Ability to develop the professional activity in a multidisciplinary context, bringing together economy, regulations and environment
  CE18 Ability to carry out a work or study in environment, analyzing the available information, developing a working plan based on previous information, and getting results and conclusions based on objective data
  CE19 Capacity for the presentation and defense of projects or studies in the environment
Type CT Code Transversal Competences
  CT1 Critical Thinking
  CT2 Organizational and planning capacity
  CT3 Capacity for information management
  CT4 Initiative and entrepreneurship
  CT5 Ability to perform interdisciplinary work
  CT6 Development of advanced group work techniques and leadership skills
  CT7 Sensitivity for environmental issues
  CT8 Motivation for quality and sustainable development
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