Educational guide 2019_20
Escola de Enxeñería Industrial
Máster Universitario en Enxeñaría Industrial
  Management Support Information Systems
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Computer practices *Proposal *and/the exhibition of practical cases with utilization of wools *tools necessary computings
Presentation Presentación de traballos realizados polos alumnos en empresas, mediante computador e ferramentas ofimáticas adecuadas.
Presentación de estudos de casos realizados polos alumnos
Lecturing Lesson **maxistral *participativa, with material of *support *and audiovisual *means. He professor will explain *the different subjects *and points that *conforman he plans, but the wool time will motivate wool active participation in kind, treating of **intercalary he use of *his word with intervals of dialogue
This active participation **provirá of of the fields; on the one hand, of possible wools *doubts the comments that *could *arise by part of him student how consequence of wool explanation of him professor; by *another, will be he @propio professor *the one who *also *can launch questions *and *formulation
of cases *to the auditorium, treating with this element *dinamizador to achieve *answers *and *generate debate that *carry *to the *enrichment of wool exhibition.
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