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  Hydraulic Machines
Topic Sub-topic
1. *Introduccion General theory of the design of hydraulic Machines
2. Design of *turbobombas 1. Design of *turbobombas radial or centrifugal
2. Design of *turbobombas axial and diagonals
3. Constitutive elements of *turbobombas
4. Selection and regulation of bombs
3. Design of turbines of action and reaction Turbines of action:
1. Project of turbines *Pelton
Turbines of reaction:
2. Project of axial turbines. *Kaplan
3. Project of radial turbines. Francis
4. Constitutive elements of hydraulic turbines
5. Hydroelectric head offices
4. *Turbomáquinas Compound. Hydrodynamic transmissions 1. Classification
2. General theory
3. *Turboacoplamientos
4. *Turboacoplamientos With variators of speed
5. *Turboconvertidores Of
pair 6. Multiple hydraulic transmissions
7. Hydrodynamic brake
5. Design and selection of pneumatic elements Design of *MNDP Pneumatic Machines of Positive Trip:
Compressors, Engines and linear Actuators
6. Design and selection of hydraulic elements Design of valves *hidraulicas: Valves and elements of control, constitutive of the hydraulic circuits

Design of elements of hydraulic: Design of Auxiliary Elements of the
*Circuítos Hydraulic
You practise 1. Design of hydraulic Machine through *CFD. Software *Fluent

2. Exit of study for visit to company related with the sector. It will realise in function of the availability of the companies
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