Guia docente 2015_16
Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial
Máster Universitario en Enxeñaría Industrial
  Ampliación de Física
Methodologies   ::  Teaching methodology guide
Master Session The main topics of the subject are introduced by the teacher using projected presentations and the blackboard, emphasizing the theoretical basis and fundamentals and stressing the critical or key points. Eventually, demonstrative experiments or audiovisual material could be employed
Troubleshooting and / or exercises Academic problems related to the topics of the subject are formulated and worked out at the blackboard by the teacher or the students. By practicing standard schemes, formulas or algorithms and by analyzing the results the student must developed adequate skills to be able to obtain the correct solution to the problem on his/her own at the end of the course
Laboratory practises Practical activities are developed for applying the theoretical knowledge to particular situations and for developing adequate skills to carry out experimental procedures related to the topics. These activities will be held in specific rooms with specialized equipment (hardware and computer labs)
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