Educational guide 2019_20
Escola de Enxeñería Industrial
Máster Universitario en Procesos de Deseño e Fabricación Mecánica

Type CB Code Basic Competences
  CB1 Get and understand the knowledge which can contribute as a base or opportunity to be original in the development and/or application of ideas, often in a research context.
  CB2 The students should know how to apply the knowledge achieved and their ability for solving problems in new or little known environments inside wider contexts (or multidisciplinary) related with thier field of study.
  CB3 The students will be able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity in the assessment, from an information that could be incomplete or limited, that includes reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and assessments.
  CB4 The students will know how to communicate their conclusions, and the knowledge and reasons that support them, to an expert or non-expert audience in a clear and without ambiguities way.
  CB5 The students will get the skills for learning which allow them to continue studying in a way that will have to be to a large extent selfdirected or autonomous.
Type CG Code General Competences
  CG1 Knowledge of technologies, components and materials in the processes of design and manufacturing
  CG2 Ability for the development and innovation of processes of design and manufacture, in a sustainable context.
  CG3 Skill for performing roles related with the processes of design and manufacture in a businness environment
  CG4 Ability for the analysis & synthesis, solving problems and taking decisions with initiative and in of creative way and with critical reasoning, from information that can be incomplete or limited.
  CG5 Skill in the application of computer tools in an engineering environment
  CG6 Ability to analyse and evaluate the social impact, ethical and environmental of technical solutions.
  CG7 Ability to communicate with non-expert people in the subject and to convey concepts, specifications and functionalities in an engineering environment, either by oral or written way
Type CE Code Specific Competences
  CE1 Knowledge of advanced design and modelling methods of products and processes.
  CE2 Capacity for the advanced design, development and calculation of products and processes
  CE3 Skills for the creating and and understanding technical documentation
  CE4 Capacity for Project Management and Aalysis in design and manufacturing processes
  CE5 Ability to manage processes and products through its proper industrialisation
  CE6 Knowledge of the methods of analysis and management of prodcut life cycle and their implications on the processes of design and manufacture
  CE7 Skills in the use of software tolos applyables to product design and manufacturing processes
  CE8 Knowledge in the proper selection of materials, tools and equipment for manufacturing processes
  CE9 Skills for using simulation techniques as an aid in taking decisions in the design and manufacturing processes
  CE10 Ability for designing and developing molds and dies
  CE11 Knowledge and ability for using systems of measurement and control in manufacturing processes
  CE12 Knowledge and ability for asses and execute processes of prototyping and manufacturing with composite materials
  CE13 Knowledge of techniques and ability for modelling manufacturing systems, cells and lines.
Type CT Code Transversal Competences
  CT1 Capacity for planning, scheduling, organizing and developing strategies in the design and manufacturing processes.
  CT2 Skills for being member and leadering multidisciplinary projects teams
  CT3 Skill for Taking Decisions
  CT4 Capacity of communication and negotiation in various situations and in front of expert and non expert people.
  CT5 Skills for communicate and make presentations in english language
  CT6 Capacity of continuos learning either autonomusly or directed
  CT7 Capacity of creativity and innovation
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