Guia docente 2017_18
Facultade de Química
Grao en Química
  Mathematics: Mathematics I
Topic Sub-topic
Introduction to the real functions of real variable
The real numbers and the straight real. Operations with real numbers. Real functions of real variable. Command and rank.
Graphic of a real function of real variable. Elementary functions.
Differential calculation in a variable
Limits and continuity of real functions of real variable. Derived of a function in a point. Calculation of derivatives. Consequences of the *derivación. Relative extremes. Graphic representation of real functions of real variable.
Integration of real functions of real variable. Integral of Riemann. Fundamental theorem of the integral calculation. Calculation of primitive.
Real vectorial spaces Operations with vectors in the plane and in the space. Scalar product. Angle formed by two vectors. Vectorial product in *R3. Mixed product. Vectorial spaces. *Subespacios. Bases.
Systems of linear equations
Matrices. *Determinantes. Basic operations with matrices and *determinantes. Discussion and resolution of systems of equations *lineares. Method of Gauss.
Scalar functions and vectorial functions Scalar functions and vectorial functions. Partial derivatives of scalar functions. Vector gradient. Ways and integrals of line. Fields *conservativos.
Complex numbers

Complex numbers. Operations with complex numbers.
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