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  Chemical Reactions in the Ocean
   Contingency plan
In the face of the uncertain and unpredictable evolution of the health alert triggered by COVID-19, the University establishes an extraordinary planning that will be activated when the administrations and the institution itself determine it based on safety criteria, health and responsibility, and ensuring teaching in a non face-to-face or non face-to-face setting. These already planned measures guarantee, when it is mandatory, the development of teaching in a more agile and effective way to be known in advance (or with a long advance) by pupils and teachers through the standardised and institutionalised tool of the DOCNET teaching guides.


Not applicable

* Teaching methodologies to be modified

- Laboratory practice
Laboratory practices that cannot be done in face-to-face mode will be done in the form of a simulation through the virtual classroom (Remote Campus) that the University of Vigo has the disposition of teachers and students. After the virtual classroom session, they will have to present the corresponding report according to the criteria and indications of the trainee teachers.

- Introductory activities:
- Master Lesson: The
The sessions of these activities that cannot be done in person, will be carried out through the virtual classroom that the University of Vigo has the disposition of teachers and students.

* Off-site student care (tutoring)

Students can consult their questions by appointment in the teacher’s virtual office: Room 1752, access code coDC4elw

On the TEMA platform is enabled the Forums section, where a forum will be open for each classroom topic taught, as well as several forums for laboratory practices, problem classes and seminars. In this way, students will be able to ask questions that can be answered by both teachers and/or classmates/classmates.

* Modifications (if applicable) of the contents to be imparted

* Additional bibliography to facilitate self-learning

Websites and related videos will be used to complement the training of students, which will be made available to students on the TEMA platform.

* Other amendments

* Tests already carried out
Test *XX: [Previous Weight 00%] [Proposed Weight 00%]

Not applicable

* Evidence pending and ongoing
Test *XX: [Previous Weight 00%] [Proposed Weight 00%]

- Practice report
- Work
- Problem solving and exercises

Does not change the weighting in the final note

* Tests to be modified
[Previous test] => [New test]

Not applicable

* New evidence

* Additional information

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