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  Geological oceanography II
Subject Guide
Subject Geological oceanography II Code V10G060V01603
Study programme
Grao en Ciencias do Mar
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
6 Mandatory 3rd 2nd
Teaching language
Alejo Flores, Irene
Alejo Flores, Irene
García Gil, María Soledad
Nombela Castaño, Miguel Angel
Pérez Arlucea, Marta María
Web http://
General description The subject Geological Oceanography II, intends to train the student in the direct and indirect techniques for the characterization of the submarine bottoms, as well as the geological record in marine environments of continental shelf and deep environments (continental slope, continental abyssal plains, dorsal flanks , Ridges and ocean trenches). Therefore this subject has a different approach to the one of the Geological Oceanography I dedicated to the coastal and coastal areas. It is intended therefore that the student acquire the knowledge in the use and application of the latest generation techniques in sea surveys, as well as the ability to plan and develop oceanographic geological field works and prepare and submit reports.
Students are required to take this course in responsible and honest behavior.
Any form of fraud (i.e. copy and / or plagiarism) intended to falsify the level of knowledge or skill attained by a student in any type of test, report or work designed for this purpose is considered inadmissible. This fraudulent conduct will be sanctioned with the firmness and rigor that establishes the current regulation.
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