Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de Ciencias do Mar
Grao en Ciencias do Mar
  Geological oceanography I
Subject Guide
Subject Geological oceanography I Code V10G060V01504
Study programme
Grao en Ciencias do Mar
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
6 Mandatory 3rd 1st
Teaching language
Bernabéu Tello, Ana María
Alejo Flores, Irene
Bernabéu Tello, Ana María
Marino , Gianluca
General description Geological oceanography (also called marine geology) is one of the broadest fields in the Earth Sciences and contains many subdisciplines, including geophysics, and plate tectonics, petrology and geochemistry, sedimentation processes, and micropaleontology and stratigraphy. Geological Oceanography I will focus on the study of basic earth proceses affecting sedimentation in litoral areas, since sediments are the main geological feature of these region. The subject will cover the fundamental techniques to study the topography, structure, sedimentation, and associated geological processes of these areas to discover how they were formed and how ongoing processes (coastal dynamics, climate change, human impact...) may change them in the future. The subject will deal with the peculiarity of combining terrestrial and marine data to study litoral and coastal processes.
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