Educational guide 2015_16
E. T. S. de Enxeñaría de Minas
Grao en Enxeñaría dos Recursos Mineiros e Enerxéticos
  Mathematics: Calculus II
Subject Guide
Subject Mathematics: Calculus II Code V09G310V01204
Study programme
Grao en Enxeñaría dos Recursos Mineiros e Enerxéticos
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
6 Basic education 1st 2nd
Teaching language
Álvarez Vázquez, Lino José
Álvarez Vázquez, Lino José
Martínez Varela, Áurea María
General description In the subject of Calculus II of the Degree in Engineering of the Mining and Energetic Resources provides basic and common training to the branch of the engineering. Such and how features in the memory of the degree, after finalizing the subject the student will have to be able to formulate, resolve and interpret mathematically own problems of the engineering. Stop this, when surpassing the subject, will owe to know calculate integrals of functions of an and of varied variables, know his meaning and dominate the basic numerical methods of approximation of integrals. On the other hand, it has to be used with the handle and resolution of differential equations of first order and upper. All these contents are relevant for varied subjects that owes to study simultaneously or later in the qualifications.
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