Educational guide 2020_21
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  Security in Mobile Devices
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CB2 Students will be able to apply their knowledge and their problem-solving ability in new or less familiar situations, within a broader context (or in multi-discipline contexts) related to their field of specialization.
CB3 Students will be able to integrate diverse knowledge areas, and address the complexity of making statements on the basis of information which, notwithstanding incomplete or limited, may include thoughts about the ethical and social responsibilities entailed to the application of their professional capabilities and judgements.
CB4 Students will learn to communicate their conclusions ---and the hypotheses and ultimate reasoning in their support--- to expert and non-expert audiences in a clear and unambiguous way.
CG1 To have skills for analysis and synthesis. To have ability to project, model, calculate and design solutions in the area of information, network or system security in every application area.
CG2 Ability for problem-solving. Ability to solve, using the acquired knowledge, specific problems in the technical field of information, network or system security.
CG5 Students will have ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, within the scope of infrastructures, equipment or specific application domains, and designed for precise operating requirements
CE4 To understand and to apply the methods and tools of cybersecurity to protect data and computers, communication networks, databases, computer programs and information services.
CE6 To develop and apply forensic research techniques for analysing incidents or cybersecurity threats.
CE9 Ability to write clear, concise and motivated projects and work plans in the field of cybersecurity.
CE15 Ability to identify the value of information for an institution, economic or of other sort; ability to identify the critical procedures in an institution, and the impact due to their disruption; ability to identify the internal and external requirements that guarantee readiness upon security attacks.
CT4 Ability to ponder the importance of information security in the economic progress of society.
CT5 Ability for oral and written communication in English.
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