Educational guide 2020_21
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  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Laboratory practical Students will perform a set of practices at the lab, where they work with the concepts studied along the master lessons. 45 CB1
Discussion Forum Students must participate in the subject forum available at TEMA in FAITIC. 5 CB1
Case studies Students will provide presentations about case studies, selected by them, in order to analyze nowadays threads. 15 CG1
Objective questions exam Two evaluation tests will be performed along the subject for the partial contents provided in the subject. Tests will be filled individually and time limited
30 CB1
Problem and/or exercise solving Along master lessons, the teacher will ask questions to the students to test their knowledge level in the discussed topics.
5 CB1
Other comments on the Evaluation

The elements that are part of the evaluation of the subject are the following:

- Questionnaires: along the course the student will fill two questionnaires that will contribute 15% to the final mark (each

- Presentation of case studies: each student has to provide an original presentation, which contributes with a 15% to the final mark.

- Laboratory practice: each student will have to perform a set of practical tasks/quizzes in the laboratory that will contribute 45%
to the final mark.

- Class participation: students will discuss in class about expositions done by the professor, and this contributes up to a
5% to the final mark.

- Forum participation: students should interact individually in the forum of the subject to achieve up to a 5% to the final
mark. To achieve such percentage the student should provide at least two relevant contributions.

Therefore, we have:

Final Mark = Questionnaires (2*x15% = 30%) + Case Study Presentation (15%) + Lab. Tasks (45%) + Class
participation (5%) + Forum (5%) = 100%.

The students need to pass the questionnaires and the practical task with at least 4 points over 10 to
calculate the average final mark. If any of the marks is below 4, then the final mark will never be higher than 4 points over

The schedule of the midterm/intermediate exams will be approved in the Comisión Académica de Grado (CAG) and will be
available at the beginning of each academic semester.

Plagiarism is regarded as serious dishonest behavior. If any form of plagiarism is detected in any of the tests or exams, the
final grade will be FAIL (0), and the incident will be reported to the corresponding academic authorities for prosecution.

Following the degree guidelines, the students that will follow this subject can choose between two possibilities: continuous or final assessment (at the end of the semester).

Continuous assessment: the student follows the continuous assessment since the moment he/she fulfills the two
questionnaires. From that moment we assume that he/she will participate in the subject, independently of the assistance to
the first call.

First Call: if the continuous assessment is not performed, then the student will have to perform a final exam that substitutes
the questionnaires done along the course, in addition to provide the practical tasks and the equivalent work to be done as
part of the continuous assessment.

Second Call: the student will have to perform the part not passed previously.

The questionnaires and tasks, proposed and performed along the module, are only valid for the
current course.

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