Guia docente 2021_22
Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación
Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering - In extinction
  Final Year Dissertation
  Description Qualification Evaluated Competencess
Essay A panel of three teachers for each of the mentions of the Degree shall be appointed.
The evaluation was carried out according to the rules for carrying out the Final Year Work and assessment rubric approved by the Academic Degree Committee, whose contents are available on the website of the school of Telecommunication Engineering.
Other comments on the Evaluation

Plagiarism is regarded as serious dishonest behavior. If any form of plagiarism is detected in any of the tests or exams, the final grade will be FAIL (0), and the incident will be reported to the corresponding academic authorities for prosecution.

All information related to the TFG is available on the website of the
School of Telecommunication Engineering at the following link:

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