Guia docente 2021_22
Escola de Enxeñaría de Telecomunicación
Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering - In extinction
  Final Year Dissertation
Code Description
CB1 Students have demonstrated knowledge acquisition and understanding in the field of study. This knowledge begins based on general secondary education, and it is typically at a level that, although advanced textbooks would support it, includes some aspects at the forefront of their field of study.
CB2 Students can apply their knowledge to their jobs in a professional way and they have competences that are typically demonstrated through devising and sustaining arguments and solving problems within their field of study.
CB4 Students can communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to both general and specialized public.
CG1 CG1: The ability to write, develop and sign projects in the field of Telecommunication Engineering, according to the knowledge acquired as considered in section 5 of this Law, the conception and development or operation of networks, services and applications of Telecommunication and Electronics.
CG2 CG2: The knowledge, comprehension and ability to apply the needed legislation during the development of the Technical Telecommunication Engineer profession and aptitude to manage compulsory specifications, procedures and laws.
CG4 CG4: The ability to solve problems with initiative, to make creative decisions and to communicate and transmit knowledge and skills, understanding the ethical and professional responsibility of the Technical Telecommunication Engineer activity.
CG9 CG9: The ability to work in multidisciplinary groups in a Multilanguage environment and to communicate, in writing and orally, knowledge, procedures, results and ideas related with Telecommunications and Electronics.
CG10 CG10 The ability for critical reading of scientific papers and docs.
CG14 CG14 The ability to use software tools to search for information or bibliographical resources.
CE90 (CE90/TFG)Original and individual exercise to be defended before an examining board consisting of a project in a specific technology of Telecommunication Engineering and of a professional nature, where the abilities acquired from the teachings are integrated and synthesized.
CT1 CT1 Development of sufficient autonomy to carry out works within the area of Telecommunications in interdisciplinary contexts.
CT2 CT2 Understanding Engineering within a framework of sustainable development.
CT4 CT4 Encourage cooperative work, and skills like communication, organization, planning and acceptance of responsibility in a multilingual and multidisciplinary work environment, which promotes education for equality, peace and respect for fundamental rights.
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