Educational guide 2020_21
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Degree in Telecommunications Technologies Engineering - In extinction
  Multimedia services
Subject Guide
Subject Multimedia services Code V05G300V01941
Study programme
Degree in Telecommunications Technologies Engineering - In extinction
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
6 Optional 4th 1st
Teaching language
Blanco Fernández, Yolanda
Blanco Fernández, Yolanda
García Méndez, Silvia
General description The aim of this subject is to provide the students with the theoretical foundations and the practical skills that allow them to understand the basic principles of the digital treatment of the multimedia information.
To this aim, the main standards in the field of the audiovisual content processing are presented, as well as the mechanisms available for the transmission of data through different types of networks and the different types of services that can be offered to the end user, with special attention to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting (DTTV) and transmission over IP networks (IPTV).
The practical part of the subject will allow the students to experiment with the design and development of telematic services based on the transmission of multimedia streams, along with the programming of interactive services about digital television broadcasting and video-on-demand.

The documentation of the subject will be available in English.

International students may request from the teachers: a) materials and bibliographic references in English, b) tutoring sessions in English, c) exams and assessments in English.
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