Guia docente 2011_12
Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución
Grao en Tradución e Interpretación (Español-Inglés)
  Idioma moderno: Idioma 1, II: Inglés
Tema Subtema
1. Brands 1. Discuss brands.
2. Describe effects and influences.
3. Talk about the image and qualities of products.
4. Talk about advertising and marketing.
5.Viral ads.
6. Pass on detailed information.
7.Use advertising language.
2. Images and objects 1. Speculate about images and objects.
2. Interpret and respond to a story.
3. Interpreting a painting.
4. Discuss icons.
5. Identify critical language in a text.
6. Present argument and counter-arguments.
7. Give and respond to criticism.
3. Groups 1. Describe groups and membership.
2. Describe feelings about belonging.
3. Give opinions emphatically.
4. Explore strategies for analysing authentic texts.
5. Persuade others to take action.
6. Describe an organisation.
7. Presenting something in the best possible light.
4. Saving the world 1. Talk about climate change.
2. Describe inventions and how they work.
3. Discuss proposals.
4. Describe an ongoing process.
5. Understand imaginery in and comment on a poem.
6. Conduct a debate.
7. Report and react to a point of view.
5. Knowledge and technology. 1. Talk about knowledge and technology.
2. Discuss how to access information.
3. Describe technology advances.
4. Explain an idea delivering a poitive message.
5. Give written advice.
6. Write steps in a process, describe how to do something.
7. Write a cover letter: describe experience and ability.
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