Educational guide 2014_15
Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución
Grao en Tradución e Interpretación
  Idioma 2, IV: Inglés
Tema Subtema
1. Traces of the past Participle clauses. Word Formation (2), phrasal verbs with off and in.
Reading: Themed texts, first chapters of set book
Listening: a local historian talking about shipwrecks
2. The big issues Conditionals, expressions with end.
Reading: Mean machines
Listening: a radio interview with a volunteer in Nepal
Speaking: 1 minute speech
Writing: a magazine article
3. It's a crime Passives, vocabulary about crime and punishment, phrasal verbs with out and over.
Reading: Writing Crime fiction, reading of set book
Listening: conversations about crime
Speaking: discussing a problem solving task based on written prompts
Writing: a report
4. Buying ans selling Mixed conditionals and wishes, expressions about business and shopping, easily confused words (2), word formation.
Reading: The appeal of ebay
Listening: an interview with the managing director of an advertising agency.
Speaking: interaction: agreeing or disagreeing, expressing ideas about an issue,
Writing: a summary
5. Entertainment or art? Comparatives and superlatives, vocabulary about art and entertainment, three-part phrasal verbs.
Reading: Themed texts: Is it art?
Listening: a radio programme about films
Speaking: 2-3 minute speech
Writing: a review
6. A changing world Expressions with earth, world and ground. Emphasis.
Reading: Changing places
Listening: a debate about nuclear power
Speaking: discussing, suggesting alternatives.
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