Guia docente 2014_15
Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución
Grao en Tradución e Interpretación
  Idioma moderno: Idioma 1, II: Inglés
Tema Subtema
Use of English and vocabulary 1. Grammar

1.1. Tasks such as multiple-choice cloze, open cloze, word formation, key word transformations, multiple choice, gapped text and multiple matching (English Unlimited Advanced C1)
1.2. Reported speech.
1.3. The subjunctive and "unreal" uses of past forms.
1.4. Verbs followed by -ing forms and infinitives.
1.5. Participle and infinitive phrases.
1.6. Features of discourse.
1.7. Cohesion and coherence.

2. Vocabulary: phrasal verbs, phrases, patterns, collocations, idioms, word formation.
Reading 1. Reading comprehension tasks such as multiple-choice cloze, open cloze, multiple choice and gapped text (fictional and non-fictional books, non-specialist articles from magazines, newspapers and the internet).

2. Textual analysis. Coherence, cohesion, structure and organization of a text.
Listening 1. Tasks such as multiple choice, sentence completion, multiple choice and multiple matching (academic lectures, news and interviews, conversations, films…).

2. Listening for main ideas, listening for details, listening for making inferences.

3. Guessing meaning from context and making predictions before listening.
Writing 1. Writing an essay. Summarising and evaluating key ideas in texts.

2. Contextualised writing task. Writing for a specific reader, using the appropriate format and style.
Speaking 1. Pronunciation
1.1. Pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences.
1.2. Pronunciation in conversation.
1.3. Pronunciation in formal settings.

2. Tasks such as oral presentations (developing topics, expressing and justifying opinions and organizing discourse) and short interviews (showing ability to use general interactional and social language).
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