Guia docente 2019_20
Facultad de Filología y Traducción
Grao en Linguas Estranxeiras
  Pronunciation of the first foreign language: English
Subject Guide
Subject Pronunciation of the first foreign language: English Code V01G180V01303
Study programme
Grao en Linguas Estranxeiras
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
9 Mandatory 2nd 1st
Teaching language
Rama Martínez, María Esperanza
Rama Martínez, María Esperanza
General description This course offers a general introduction to the theory and practice of English pronunciation.

The aims of the course are:
-To offer a general introduction to the theory of sounds and how they are used in Present-day English, establishing relevant comparisons with the sound systems of other languages, especially of Spanish and Galician.
-To provide the basic tools, units and theoretical concepts that are needed to describe and analyse the segmental and suprasegmental levels of the English language as well as its phonological processes.
-To provide the necessary practical tools to help students improve their pronunciation of English, from the perspective of both auditory discrimination and oral production.
-To acquaint students with the main bibliographical sources of the discipline.
-To get students actively involved in the course, both in class sessions and in out-of-class activities.

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