Guia docente 2023_24
Facultad de Diseño
Máster Universitario en Diseño y Dirección Creativa en Moda
  Design management
Topic Sub-topic
SUBJECT 1. FOUNDATIONS OF COMPANY And ECONOMY Introduction: organisations Approximation to the concept of company He paper of him employer Production of goods vs. services He economic system As it works an economy of free market business Challenges in wool global economy
SUBJECT 2. EVOLUTION OF HIM ADMINISTRATIVE THOUGHT Introduction Focus classical of wool administration (wool Scientific Administration, the Administrative Process, School of wools Relate Human, wool Bureaucracy) Contemporary Approaches (Approach of Systems, Approach *Contingencial)
SUBJECT 3. FORMS OF COMPANY Juridical criteria of business classification notable Appearances in wool election of a juridical form of company Form juridical more usual economic Criteria of business classification: According to wool property of him main Segundo he sector of activity Segundo he business size
SUBJECT 4. CONCEPT And FUNCTIONS OF LANA BUSINESS DIRECTION Introduction: what is to direct Analysis of wools four managerial functions basic: The function of planning To function of organisation To function of leadership The function of control.
SUBJECT 5. PRODUCTION OF QUALITY And MANAGEMENT BY PROCESSES Introduction What are wool production massive Production vs. *personalización massive basic Options in front of the production Design of him productive process Lana quality (basic concepts, evolution to Total Quality, models THIS and *EFQM) The management by processes.
SUBJECT 6. COMMERCIAL DIRECTION Concept and scope of the commercial direction Analysis of market: identification, size and location, needs, perceptions and values. Commercial planning: development of products, decisions of price, distribution, promotion Control of the commercial activity Control of the results of market Control of the costs of commercialisation Companies of vertical structure and of traditional structure; analysis and peculiarities of each model.
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