Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de CC. Sociais e da Comunicación
Grao en Publicidade e Relacións Públicas
  Final Year Dissertation

Subjects that are recommended to be taken simultaneously
Internships: Professional placement project/P04G190V01981
Professional practices workshop (professional experiences seminar)/P04G190V01982

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Communication: Written Communication/P04G190V01201
Communication: History of advertising and publicity/P04G190V01204
Communication: History and Theory of Communication/P04G190V01104
Communication: Image theory and technique/P04G190V01106
Economics: Economics/P04G190V01101
Company: Basics of organisation and business management/P04G190V01202
Sociology : Social Structure, consumption and lifestyle/P04G190V01203
Advertising theory and practice/P04G190V01105
Public relations theory and practice/P04G190V01205
Public Administration and statistical analysis/P04G190V01301
Communication: Corporate image/P04G190V01303
Advertising Creativity/P04G190V01304
Preparation of advertising message/P04G190V01401
Company: Basics of marketing techniques/P04G190V01302
Strategic Advertising/P04G190V01402
Structures and activity of the advertising agency/P04G190V01403
Advertising writing and voice-over/P04G190V01404
TV communication theory and practice/P04G190V01405
Advertising photography theory and practice/P04G190V01305
Communication ethics/P04G190V01501
Evaluation of advertising effectiveness/P04G190V01601
Media research and hearings techniques and methods/P04G190V01502
Public relations strategic planning/P04G190V01503
Advertising production in audiovisual media/P04G190V01504
Print advertising production/P04G190V01505
Institutional and electoral communication techniques/P04G190V01603
Political advertising techniques/P04G190V01506
Public relations techniques/P04G190V01604
Communication management/P04G190V01701
Multimedia and web advertising production/P04G190V01801
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