Educational guide 2019_20
Facultade de CC. Sociais e da Comunicación
Grao en Publicidade e Relacións Públicas
  Film and advertising
Code Description Typology
CB3 That the students have the capacity to collect information and interpret relevant data (usually inside their area of study) to issue judgements which include a reflection on relevant subjects of social, scientific or ethical nature.
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CG2 Interpretative competence of the communication: ability to analyze the elements of the communication and generate the knowledges in this discipline.
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CE1 Knowledge of the historical evolution of the advertising communication and of the public relations, as well as of the industrial aspects, socio-political and aesthetic that influence on their elements, forms and processes.
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CE3 Knowledge of the structure of the advertising means: characteristics, typologies and problematic.
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CE4 Theoretical and practical knowledge of the organizational structures and of the advertising processes and of the public relations.
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CE11 Competence or digital literacy: ability and skill to use the technology and techniques of communication in new formats, interactive means and multimedia.
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CT4 Managerial competences: ability to administer the time, with skill to the organization of tasks.
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