Educational guide 2020_21
Facultade de CC. Sociais e da Comunicación
Grao en Publicidade e Relacións Públicas
  Company: Basics of organisation and business management
Code Description
CB1 That the students show having acquired and understanding knowledges in an area of study that splits of the base of the general secondary education and usually is found in a level that, despite its support in advanced books of text, it includes also any aspects that involve pertinent knowledges of the avant-garde of his field of study.
CG3 Interpretative competence of the environment: ability to analyze and interpret the economic, political, socio-cultural, technological and communicative environment.
CE10 Theoretical and practical knowledge of the techniques of management in communication companies.
CE14 Directive and collaborative dexterities: ability and skill to take on responsibility of the area of communication of an organization, facing the strategic management of their intangibles, the corporate social responsibility and the relations with different publics.
CE15 Ability to the economic and budgetary management within the scope of the advertising activity and of the public relations.
CT2 Creative competences: ability to the creativity, the innovation and the adaptation to the change.
CT3 Collaborative competences: ability of adaptation to the objectives and organizational values and of teamwork.
CT5 Managerial competences: ability to assume the leadership in projects, managing them efficiently and assuming commitments of social responsibility.
CT6 Managerial competences: preparation to assume the risk in the decision taking.
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