Guia docente 2022_23
Facultade de Ciencias Sociais e da Comunicación
Grado en Dirección y Gestión Pública
  Political Science: Public Administration and Management Science
Topic Sub-topic
Introduction to the Social Sciences and the public institutions What is the science and for what results useful?
On the "postruht" and the "fake news" in the pos-globalisation
Sciences, societies and public institutions
Social Sciences and Public Administrations: new challenges for a world post-COVID-19
1. Approaches of analysis of the public administrations Problems and public institutions: risks and global and local pandemias
Different venues approaches of analysis of the public administrations:
- Political Science
- Science of the Administration
- Theory of the Organisation and Public Management
- Public Policy
- Governance
2. Science of the Administration: basic elements of analysis Definition and characteristic of the Science of the Administration
The "map" of the Science of the Administration *multinivel:
- Structures and levels of government
- Structures and levels of administration
Basic Elements of analysis:
- Organisation
- Human Resources
3. Public management: basic elements of analysis Theory of the Organisation and Public Management
The management in the Spanish public administrations
Dimensions and elements of public management:
- Organisation
- Human Resources
Public Services, citizenship and governance networks
General conclusions of the matter: the governance of the Public Administrations in the 21st century A world post-COVID-19 in the third decade of the 21st century
The governance of the public, private and common networks
2030 Agenda and ODS 16 and 17 for a more human and sustainable world
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