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Grao en Dirección e Xestión Pública
  Human resources management 2: Public employment organisation and management
Subject Guide
Subject Human resources management 2: Public employment organisation and management Code P04G091V01404
Study programme
Grao en Dirección e Xestión Pública
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
6 Mandatory 2nd 2nd
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García-Pintos Escuder, Adela
García-Pintos Escuder, Adela
General description A greater worry by the best use of the public funds as well as a greater orientation of the public organisations to the service and the citizen, indicate the every time greater presence of technicians of management of human resources, that inspired by the private sector apply in the public organisations.

The changes have consisted especially in the awareness that the practices in matter of employment and of rewards, the methods of work, the results and the attitude of the personnel, as well as the other appearances of the management of human resources, influence directly in the efficiency and efficiency of the public organisations.

Thus the program that to continuation presents pretends to contribute, or at least present, the necessary instruments to tackle reforms in the management of human resources in the public organisations, adopting in his case, and taking into account the nature and specificity of the public sector, technicians of management of the private sector.
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