Guia docente 2020_21
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  Financial and taxation law
   Contingency plan

Given the uncertain and unpredictable evolution of the health alert caused by COVID-19, the University of Vigo establishes an extraordinary planning that will be activated when the administrations and the institution itself determine it, considering safety, health and responsibility criteria both in distance and blended learning. These already planned measures guarantee, at the required time, the development of teaching in a more agile and effective way, as it is known in advance (or well in advance) by the students and teachers through the standardized tool.

Contingency Plan to be added to the teaching guide of "Financial and taxation law":


In the case that sanitary reasons prevent on-site teaching activities, classes will be held online (through “Campus remoto” of the University of Vigo), with the support of Faitic Platform.

By arranging a meeting with Professors (or via mail), students will have the chance to raise issues they might have in relation with the subject. Cases will be available at the Faitic Platform, a week in advance to the “Campus remoto” class where the Professor will explain the cases and, by listening to the answers given by students, present the guidelines for their resolution. In that way, students have a week to solve the cases. Professors will be able thereof to check whether or not students have achieved the competences and knowledge.

The continuous assessment will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the teaching guide and the Schedule, and the assessment of competencies will be done through the following activities. The continuous assessment process will be done online, with the support of Faitic Platform as indicated in the Schedule. On the other hand, the submision of the solutions to the practical cases will be made to the Profesors and and will be evaluated for the purposes of scoring the continuous assessment, in accordance with the provisions of the teaching guide. Active and quality participation of students will be valued, according to what is established in the teaching guide.


In case that health reasons prevent the holding of on-site exams, the final exam will be carried out as established in the teaching guide and will consist of: (1) a written practical exam for which the Faitic platform will be used, with a controlled time system that guarantees that the work is done individually and (2) a theoretical oral exam for which the remote campus will be used. The continuous evaluation and the exams carried out will be weighted in the final grade as established in the teaching guide.

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