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Grao en Dirección e Xestión Pública
  Political science 4: Spanish & Galician political system
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Subject Political science 4: Spanish & Galician political system Code P04G091V01204
Study programme
Grao en Dirección e Xestión Pública
Descriptors Total Cr. Type Year Quadmester
6 Basic education 1st 2nd
Teaching language
López Mira, Álvaro Xosé
López Mira, Álvaro Xosé
General description It treats in this subject to board with a vision updated the different historical elements, juridical, social, political, electoral... That *conforman the design and operation of the two political systems in the that are simultaneously *imbricados how citizen and university students: the Spaniard and the Galician. Although, with security, would deserve treatment separated in distinct courses and temporarily sequencies, the valid plane of studies of the Degree in Direction and Public Management contemplates only one put that, easy will result to understand, that need to do a compendium very strict of the numerous are afraid owe to treat in the academic journey of this course. That is also one of the reasons that advises a different space of treatment of each of the subjects.
IT/the student of this course can fall in the temptation that it results donated to assimilated since all it in her treated sounds more or less next, well poles his previous knowledges, well pole informative treatment of the media of the country that include always any of the elements included in the program. It Would be, in the senior part of the cases, a gross error that be advisable avoid. No it think neither that it can have overlap of contents with any already studied subject in the Degree; it is not like this because the Political Science is the science of the realism and, therefore, go more there of the appearances or of the illusory normative laws since it can show how behind one beautiful juridical frame, even constitutional, can rule the corruption, the nepotism or the mere unfulfilment. This is the reason because you put that our objectives are very ambitious: because they aspire to explain how works in the reality our political model in the four parts in that comes divided the subject.
How #well you know, this subject imparts under two modalities of teaching: face-to-face and blended. The basic information envelope both finds in this link of the teaching Guide of the subject. Besides I inform you that the tutorials will take place the Mondays and Thursday of 10.00 to 13.00 hours in the dispatch 224, in the according to walking of the Faculty. Also can locate me in the telephone 986801981 and in the and e-mail
Hope that the subject was of the your interest and provide you useful analytical tools to interpret the complex political reality-social in the that touched us in luck live. Explain with me to help you in this purpose always that you need it.
Álvaro Xosé López Looks
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